Rebekah International Ministries

Rebekah International Ministry is a religious institution that promotes interfaith dialogue, social justice, and spiritual guidance. Our mission is to foster peace, harmony, and empowerment among diverse communities worldwide.


Music is one department of Rebekah International Ministries (RIM), where Diane Nkusi Expresses her songs coming from her heart, of course, songs that will inspire nations, and express her love, her gratitude for God.


Books Is another department of Rebekah International Ministries 9RIM), Where the author Diane Nkusi delivers her mind, her testimony, and her journey with Christ Jesus. She delivers her concept by referring To God's teaching in the Bible.

Woman and Destiny

A department in Rebekah International Ministries (RIM), which is an event annually. This event comes with the inspiration saying that a Woman has a right to understand that her calling is not only to be a wife, a mother, and a good cook but beyond that, there is a DESTINY, she needs to understand what is inside her mind, her heart, a beautiful capacity to change nations " Shaping Her Life and STAND to witnesses The Lord IT'S A MUST as we are all created for his good purpose" as the bible said in Isaiah 43:10

Mankind of his image

A department in Rebekah International Ministries (RIM), where Diane Nkusi gets inspiration about a Man and Woman who are called to Resemblant and to dominate over as Genesis 1:26-30 to have a mankind of his image, and He blessed a Man and Woman.

30 minutes in his presence

A department which is a program passing to Facebook as a get together, where Diane Nkusi can have a theme of the day, where she will share her mind using the theme of the Day and referring her mind to God's words.

Youth Program

The youth program is designed to provide a nurturing and empowering environment for young individuals to grow spiritually, morally, and socially. Through a range of activities, community service projects, and social gatherings, we aim to engage and inspire the youth to develop a strong sense of faith and personal values.