Diane's Biography

Rebekah International Ministries is a vision given by Diane Nkusi, a source of revival that emphasizes three fundamental pillars - Faith, Unity, and Destiny.

The Journey

Diane Nkusi, African-American Gospel Singer, Author, and Minister – was born in May 1985 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She accepted Christ as her savior in 2000 and was baptized with the Holy Spirit, during which she received a call to ministry.

In 2010, the influence of the Holy Spirit drove her to launch her first album, titled 'Ndaguhaye Icyubahiro', which translates to 'I GIVE YOU HONOR' in English.

In 2011 This divine inspiration continued to manifest, leading her to write her first book, 'La Folie de la Foi' (or 'Craziness of Faith'), and in 2014 '6 Keys of Power of Forgiveness' was released.

The Calling

In 2013, The Music and a Book inspired a vision that led to the creation of an annual ministry for Women called 'Women and Destiny.

In 2015, it was realized that men are equally important, and this led to the birth of an annual ministry for Men called 'Man and God's Power'.

In 2020, Diane Nkusi made the move of a lifetime and left Africa to join her spouse in the United States, eventually becoming a citizen of this great nation. However, the sky isn't the limit She's also taken on the incredible challenge of launching a program titled '30 min in His Presence', where she shares a theme and encourages discussion and debate on it.